Finnish “Pregnancy and Lactation” Appendix updated (too) quietly in 2011

There has been a small template update that I had been unaware of for as long as 2 years (!), although I have been working on the EMA documents almost weekly.  I think I am not the only translator that has not noticed this small change; I have saved the template on my computer in 2009, and  I have not re-opened the document on the EMA webpage, as  their document listing says that this document was last updated on 04/11/2009.  However, four phrases in the Finnish document have been updated again in October, 2011.  I came across the change only when a translation agency asked me to re-check this phrase  in one of my translations.  Still, just a couple of weeks ago, another translation agency  sent me the 2009 Finnish template without the October 2011 change as a reference for a job.

Choose as follows:  Regulatory > Human medicines > Product information > Product-information templates, and then, in the Appendices listing,  choose the Finnish language template (FI) of the Appendix I – Statements for use in section 4.6 ‘pregnancy and lactation’ of the summary of product characteristics.

The original English phrase (bold letters are mine):

<Women of childbearing potential have to use effective contraception <during <and up to {number} weeks after> treatment.>>

The new Finnish version:

<Naisten, jotka voivat tulla raskaaksi, on käytettävä tehokasta ehkäisyä <hoidon aikana <ja {numero} viikkoa hoidon päättymisen jälkeen>>.

The old version was  Hedelmällisessä iässä olevien naisten on käytettävä…

I wish translators had a way to get information about template changes automatically..! I think many of us are still using the old wording!

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