A transdermal patch in a sachet – laastari annospussissa?

I am translating product information where there is a transdermal patch ( apatch that releases the drug slowly through the skin, depotlaastari  in Finnish).  Each patch (laastari in Finnish, ) is in a sachet (annospussi in Finnish, similarly dospåse in Swedish). Both laastari  and annospussi are included in the Standard Terms document.  Laastari is completely OK, but “annospussi“? Annos is a dose, pussi is a bag or a pouch.  (Pussi can also be a big,  e.g. a plastic bag for carrying groceries home from the supermarket.  However, sachet is a small bag.  Well, it could be argued that pussi should be replaced by “pussukka”, an everyday word for a small bag  (which is not suitable for the context anyway) or by “pikkupussi” or “pieni pussi” (small bag), but that is not what I am looking at now. ) My question is whether a patch (laastari) can be packed in an annospussi? Can a patch be a dose? If anyone has a good answer, please tell me. However,  as long as “annospussi” is the only translation for “sachet” in Standard Terms,  I think I have no other choice than to to stick to using it, also when talking about the pack of a single transdermal patch.  Or do I have a choice?

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