Translating a proposed indication into Finnish: treament/prevention/diagnosis of

Translation of a “proposed indication” into Finnish:
Treatment/prevention/diagnosis of x = x:n hoito/ehkäisy/diagnosointi

In Finnish one cannot place “treatment/prevention/diagnosis” in front of the name of the disease, but it has to be placed after the name of the disease.

There is no separate word for “of” in Finnish. “Of” is translated by an ending (the form of which varies from word to word according to rather complicated grammar rules) attached to the end of another word /several words.

an example:
a/the car = auto
a/the president = presidentti
uusi = new
But : “the car of the new president” = uuden presidentin auto
You see how the word “presidentti” becomes changed in the end, as does the adjective “new”.

“Treatment of poorly controlled diabetes”
Poorly controlled diabetes = Epätasapainossa oleva diabetes
Treatment = hoito
Treatment of poorly controlled diabetes = Epätasapainossa olevan diabeteksen hoito


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