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“Section is translated as “kohta” – except in the Pregnancy template

In the Pregnancy template, the word “section” has been translated as “kappale”.  Fimea, would you please be so kind and correct this…!  I sometimes have to write comments about this to SPCs, informing the proofreaders and editors who do not understand Finnish that the template word “kappale” is not consistent with the rest of the document and it is better to use the normal translation, “kohta”,  also in the section 4.6.

Avoiding adessive (the -lla ending)

I have learnt that this kind of a structure:

“The most commonly reported advers reactions with Abcxyz are headache, pruritus and rash.”

is best translated by

“Yleisimmin raportoidut haittavaikutukset Abcxyz-valmistetta käytettäessä ovat päänsärky, kutina ja ihottuma.”  (literally translated: when Abcxyz is being used)

The same can be expressed … Abcxyz-valmisteen käytön yhteydessä… (…in connection with the use of Abcxyz...)

So one shouldn’t use the adessive case here:  Abczyz-valmisteella...   That is not good Finnish.

The medical writing handbook Lääketieteen kieliopas (published by Duodecim in 1994)  gives instructions on how to avoid the excessive use of adessive (pages 115 to 116).  According to it, one could also say e.g.

Abcxyc-valmistetta käyttävillä potilailla … (in patients who are using Abcxyz)

So, there are several alternatives to the -lla ending (adessive), which is not appropriate in these kind of expressions.

“Tradenamex kovat kapselit” or “kovat Tradenamex-kapselit”?

“Tradenamex kovat kapselit” (Tradenamex hard capsules) – is this good Finnish?  In my opinion it isn’t – nor is this name type:

“Tradenamex Medium 500 mg poretabletti”  (Tradenamex Medium 200 mg effervescent tablet). (“Tradenamex” and “Tradenamex Medium” present trade names here).

I think the correct forms would be as follows:

“Kovat Tradenamex-kapselit”  and

“500 mg:n Tradenamex Medium -poretabletti” / “Tradenamex Medium 500 mg -poretabletit”.

I would like to hear what Finnish language specialists think about this name problem.

Another thing that regularly annoys me is the following. Here are some Standard Terms:

Capsule, hard = Kapseli, kova
Capsule, soft = Kapseli, pehmeä
Chewable capsule, soft = Purukapseli, pehmeä
However, when you use this kind of a Standard Term in an entire phrase, I m puzzled what to do with the adjective, that cannot be left in the basic form in Finnish:
 Blisters contain 14, 21 or 56 capsules, hard.
-> Läpipainopakkaukset sisältävät 14, 21 tai 56 kapselia, kovaa (or kovia?).
My question is which form I should use here?  The simplest solution would be to write “… 56 kovaa kapselia”, but that is not an option here, as the Standard Term has to be kept as it is…?  Any advice is welcome.