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A short glossary of drug studies (FI-FI)

A new site called Lää has been launched by Lääketietokeskus (Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd) The goal of the site is e.g. to help recruit of volunteers for different clinical trials and to provide information about them in general.

On the site there is also a short glossary (FI-FI) that lists the main terms related to drug studies. You can find it under “Tietoa lääketutkimuksista”. This glossary might be of help to someone who is not familiar with the terminology yet.

On their main website, the Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd tells about their mission as follows:  Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd (Lääketietokeskus Oy) is a modern drug information and skills development company. Our best-known services and products are Pharmaca Fennica ®, Kodin Lääkeopas™, Lää, Lää and pharmaceutical seminars.

QRD Appendix V – the Finnish wording for “Reporting of side effects”

Recently I did some small jobs where the the phrases in the section 4.8 of SPC  , under the heading “Reporting of suspect adverse reactions” (Epäillyistä haittavaikutuksista ilmoittaminen)  and in the section 4 of the PL, under the heading “Reporting of side effects” (Haittavaikutuksista ilmoittaminen), were amended to include the contact information of the national authority.

Adding the address requires some wording changes in the template phrases (at least for Finnish).  The phrases to be used can be found in the Fimea document “The national translations, QRD Appendix V“.

Dental glossaries (including Finnish) seem to be scarce

Some time ago I translated some marketing material for dental instruments from English into Finnish. It was difficult to find the terms!  I managed to find only a couple glossaries on the Internet:  Hammasalan sanakirja (by Tapio Suonperä) and the one-page Finnish-Finnish-Latin vocabulary (by Tapio Jokela and Jonne Repo). Both are listed on the website of the Association of Finnish Dental Technicians – the link page includes some English terminology sources as well. Also the Duodecim online dictionaries have some dental vocabulary.

However, many of the terms I needed were not included in the sources mentioned above. So had to search for them in different bilingual user instructions. Although dental technology is not within the scope of my blog title, I’ll list some of the terms I found here, just in case someone else needs them in the future. Comments are also welcome!

backfill = täyttäminen,downpack = tiivistäminen, extruder = pursotin, lip hook = huulikoukku, paper point = paperinasta, plugger = täppäin, taper= kartio (or something starting with “kartio”), sealer = sealeri/tiivistysaine, smear layer = preparointijätekerros, verifier = kokomitta.

Disclaimer: I have not done any profound terminology search, only a search for the needs of one particular translation assignment, and the terms above may have different Finnish counterparts depending on the context and the client (dental instrument manufacturer). One term may have several translation alternatives. Probably many dental professionals use jargon that is derived from English. However, the dental technology terminology would offer a good theme for reseach for a translation student interested in medical (dental) terminology.