“Tabulated list of adverse reactions” in Finnish

Several different Finnish translations are used for the phrase “Tabulated list of adverse reactions“, that is used as a heading in the SPC section 4.8. This heading is not part of any template but can be translated freely (so far), and I have come across at least the following wordings:

  • haittavaikutustaulukko
  • taulukoitu luettelo haittavaikutuksista
  • taulukoitu yhteenveto haittavaikutuksista
  • taulukkomuotoinen luettelo haittavaikutuksista
  • haittavaikutukset esitettynä yhteenvetona taulukkomuodossa
  • taulukko haittavaikutuksista
  • luettelo haittavaikutuksista

“To tabulate” means “taulukoida, esittää taulukossa” (source: English-Finnish dictionaries) or in English “to set out, arrange, or write in a tabular form” (source: The Collins English Dictionary).

Would you rather write  “Luettelo osallistujista”  or “Osallistujaluettelo” (both mean ‘list of participants’, “Taulukko arvosanoista”  or “Arvosanataulukko” (both mean ‘table of grades’)?

The English-Finnish Technical Dictionary “Enteka” gives the following example. “The results are tabulated below.” = “Tulokset on esitetty taulukossa alla.”

Which one of the above do you think is best – or do you still have another suggestion?


2 thoughts on ““Tabulated list of adverse reactions” in Finnish

  1. Elina Sellgren

    I prefer the first one, it is simple, and I prefer the noun for ‘table’ to the adjective or the verb. Everyone can immediately see that it is a table, after all. The second one would be good too, if we dropped the ‘taulukoitu’. Would haittavaikutusluettelo be too far off?

  2. Tuula S Post author

    I also prefer the first one. I just came across of two more variants (Taulukko haittavaikutuksista, found in a PRAC text, and Luettelo haittavaikutuksista, deleted in very same document where the PRAC wording had been inserted), and added these in the end of the list in the above post. I think ‘haittavaikutusluettelo’ would be OK, too. It would be simple and easy to understand. And I wonder if there are still some more variants out there..!


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