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Injektio-/infuusioneste ( = no spaces!)

There are orthographical mistakes even in the Finnish Standard Terms!

Solution for injection/infusion = Injektio- / infuusioneste, liuos (but this is incorrect – this should be “Injektio-/infuusioneste, liuos

Ear/eye/nasal drops, solution =  Korva- / silmä- / nenätipat, liuos (but this is incorrect – this should be “Korva-/silmä-/nenätipat, liuos”

The spelling rule is: there is no space before and after a slash if the parts belong to the same word (e.g. injektioneste, infuusioneste, korvatipat, silmätipat, nenätipat).

The rule can be found in Finnish here:

Jos vinoviivan molemmin puolin on yksisanainen ilmaus, ei käytetä sanaväliä:



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Months in Finnish (and how to write the date)

The months in Finnish are the following (English names in brackets):

  • tammikuu (January)
  • helmikuu (February)
  • maaliskuu (March)
  • huhtikuu (April)
  • toukokuu (May)
  • kesäkuu (June)
  • heinäkuu (July)
  • elokuu (August)
  • syyskuu (September)
  • lokakuu (October)
  • marraskuu (November)
  • joulukuu (December).

The date is normally expressed in the following ways:

  • 6.12.2015 = 6. joulukuuta 2015
  • 29.11.1962 = 29. marraskuuta 1962
  • 15.6.2016 = 15. kesäkuuta 2016

Please note that in the date expression where the month name is written out, there is a full stop after the number indicating the day,  and the ending ‘- ta’ must be added to the month name.

Shortening of the month names is done by dropping  the “kuu” part out of the word (kuu =month):  tammi, helmi, maalis etc.

In Finnish texts, dates are commonly written with numbers only:  3.1.2015. In more solemn texts, month names are used: 3. tammikuuta 2015.

In the Finnish templates, e.g. QRD template version 10.1 , SPC sections 9 and 10 (see below),  the expression ‘PP kuukausi VVVV’ is not correct – the date must be expressed PP. kuukautta VVVV. 


<Myyntiluvan myöntämisen päivämäärä: {PP kuukausi VVVV}>(My note: the spelling of the date is wrong)

<Viimeisimmän uudistamisen päivämäärä: {PP kuukausi VVVV}> (My note: the spelling of the date is wrong)




<{PP kuukausi VVVV}> (My note: the spelling of the date is wrong)


Month names can have other endings, too (e.g. in July = heinäkuussa),  so if you have to insert a month name in Finnish in the text but you don’t know Finnish, it is wise to ask a person who knows Finnish to check your insertion.


Non-breaking spaces (sitovat välilyönnit)

When translating or editing product information, one is often asked to use non-breaking spaces(ctrl/shift/space). But where to use them? The answer (or perhaps rather the ‘minimum requirements’) can be found in the EMA document called “Compilation of QRD decisions on stylistic matters in product information“. The following guidance has been copied from it:

  • Degrees: There should be a non-breaking space (ctrl/shift/space) between the figure and the º symbol, and no space between the º symbol and the indicator of scale used; e.g. 10 ºC
  •  Numbers (figures) + unit/symbol: There should be a non-breaking space (ctrl/shift/space) between the figure and the unit or symbol, e.g. 100 ml, > 10, etc.
  • If a space is used between thousands. In Finnish both ways of writing are possible:   1 000,00* or 1000,00 (*non-breaking space (ctrl/shift/space)