Medical Glossaries With Terms in Finnish


I have started listing medical, pharmaceutical, dental etc. glossaries that include terms (also) in Finnish. I’ll compile this list little by little.

Medical glossaries:

Pharmaceutical glossaries:

  • Kasvirohdosvalmisteet (herbal medicinal products) (names in Latin, EN, FI and SE) :

Dental glossaries:

“Medical Latin”; terms with Latin or Greek roots 

  • Physioterapy terms (e.g. body parts) derived from Latin (including common Latin prefixes) here

Statistics, charts:


Dictionaries available as books:

  • Duodecim has published the 6th edition of the medical dictionary Lääketieteen termit in 2016:
  • a small glossary “Taskulatinaa” (freely translated “Latin in a pocket”) meant for e.g. health care students. The book has been written by Ansa Iivanainen and the 5th edition is from year 2014.

Guidance for medical and pharmaceutical writing in Finnish: