Medical Glossaries With Terms in Finnish

I have started listing medical, pharmaceutical, dental etc. glossaries that include terms (also) in Finnish.  Kerään tähän lääketieteen, terveydenhoidon, kosmetiikan, tilastotieteen ym. sanastoja.

Medical glossaries:

Pharmaceutical glossaries:

  • Kasvirohdosvalmisteet (herbal medicinal products) (names in Latin, EN, FI and SE) :
  •  MedDRA abbreviations explained (only in English): MedDRA terms are not published in Finnish, but many of th listed abbreviations are used also in Finnish texts (e.g. CTCAE, PT, SOC).

Dental glossaries:

“Medical Latin”; terms with Latin or Greek roots 

  • Physiotherapy terms (e.g. body parts) derived from Latin (including common Latin prefixes) here

Statistics, charts and clinical trials: 


Dictionaries available as books:

  • Duodecim has published the 6th edition of the medical dictionary Lääketieteen termit in 2016:
  • a small glossary “Taskulatinaa” (freely translated “Latin in a pocket”) meant for e.g. health care students. The book has been written by Ansa Iivanainen and the 5th edition is from year 2014.

Titles of  medical professionals

Guidance for medical and pharmaceutical writing in Finnish: