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ATMPs, in Finnish ATMP-lääkkeet

ATMPs are “advanced-therapy medicinal products”. In Finnish many terms are used for them, e.g.  “kehittyneet terapiat”, “kehittyneet terapiavalmisteet”, “pitkälle kehitetyt terapiatuotteet”, “pitkälle kehitetyn terapian lääkkeet” and so on. ATMPs include products based on genes (gene therapy   /geeniterapia), cells (cell therapy / soluterapia) and tissues (tissue engineering / kudosmuokkaus).

However, the official name of ATMPs in Finnish seems to be “pitkälle kehitetyssä terapiassa käytettävät lääkkeet”, and the best short form in Finnish is, without doubt, “ATMP-lääkkeet” or ATMP-valmisteet.

For curiosity, I checked what ATMPs are called in some other languages. In French they are “les médicaments de thérapie innovante” (MTI, ATMP), in German “die Arzneimitteln für neuartige Therapien” and in Swedish “Läkemedel för avancerad terapi”.

When using this term it should be noted that the *therapy* is *advanced*,  not the medicinal product. In other words, some of the terms in the first paragraph above are not very precise.

More information and vocabulary available in Finnish e.g. here and here.