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Clinical trials: terminology sources

When translating clinical trial documents, one has to use specific terminology. Here are some sources for Finnish and/or English clinical trial terms:

Ohje hyvän kliinisen tutkimustavan noudattamisesta (translation of “Guideline for Good Clinical Practice”) – also contains terms in Finnish and English, and their definitions in English. A paper version available free of charge from Lääketietokeskus.

Potilasturvallisuussanasto, Lääkehoidon turvallisuussanasto by STAKES and Lääkehoidon kehittämiskeskus ROHTO (2007); some patient safety concepts are also discussed here (terms in Finnish, Swedish and English)

Some terms and definitions can be found the site of the Turku Clinical Research Centre

Vapaaehtoinen ja valistunut. Mukana lääketutkimuksessa” (Lääketietokeskus). A brochure for people planning to participate in a clinical trial; contains also a basic glossary.

Ihmisperäisiä näytteitä ja näytetietoja koskevaan lainsäädäntöön liittyvää sanastoa (BioMediTech)

Lääkealan turvallisuus- ja kehittämiskeskuksen määräys: Kliiniset lääketutkimukset (2012). This document also contains a glossary with definitions (pages 3 to 7)

Rokotetutkimuksen sanastoa. Vaccination trial vocabulary. Tampereen yliopisto /University of Tampere.

Lääkealan T & K-sanastoa (Drug research and development terms). Orion.

Lääketutkimuksen suunnittelu ja toteutus A.D. 2001, by Harry Scheinin (Finnanest Vol 34 Nro 3 2001): an article that contains useful information and terms


Health care glossaries for those who work with refugees

These downloadable glossaries are from year 1993, but might be useful in some situations. The languages are Finnish and one of these: Albanian, Serbocroatian, Vietnamese, Somali, French, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish (Sorani), Swedish, English and Russian. They have been published by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Terveyssanastoja eri kielillä turvapaikanhakijoiden ja pakolaisten kanssa työskenteleville: http://stm.fi/turvapaikanhakijoiden-palvelut

A short glossary of drug studies (FI-FI)

A new site called Lääketutkimukset.fi has been launched by Lääketietokeskus (Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd) The goal of the site is e.g. to help recruit of volunteers for different clinical trials and to provide information about them in general.

On the site there is also a short glossary (FI-FI) that lists the main terms related to drug studies. You can find it under “Tietoa lääketutkimuksista”. This glossary might be of help to someone who is not familiar with the terminology yet.

On their main website, the Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd tells about their mission as follows:  Pharmaceutical Information Centre Ltd (Lääketietokeskus Oy) is a modern drug information and skills development company. Our best-known services and products are Pharmaca Fennica ®, Kodin Lääkeopas™, Lääkekortti.fi, Lääkeinfo.fi and pharmaceutical seminars.