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“Ohjeet antamisesta”, “ohjeet antamiseen or “antamisohjeet”?”

I often see the following type of translation in SPCs:

Comprehensive instructions for administration are given in the package leaflet, section 7, “Instructions for use”

Yksityiskohtaiset ohjeet XYZ-valmisteen antamisesta löytyvät pakkausselosteesta kohdasta 7, ”Käyttöohjeet”.

But one should translate “instructions for administration” using the structure “ohjeet antamiseen” or “antamisohjeet”. Think about “Instructions for making coffee”. In idiomatic Finnish. one doesn’t say “Ohjeet kahvin keittämisestä” but either “Kahvin keittämisohjeet” or “Ohjeet kahvin keittämiseen”. Do you agree?

This kind of a structure should be corrected in the templates, too, if present there.

Why did I create this blog?

I am a medical and technical translator working from English and French into my native tongue, Finnish. A great deal of my work consists of translating and editing of pharmaceutical texts (SPCs, labels, PLs) where I must stick to the wordings of EMA (European Medicines Agency) templates. Unfortunately I spend too many hours answering the questions of my clients –  questions that could be avoided if the Finnish templates were better…!  This blog is an attempt to create discussion about these templates, the language of pharmaceutical texts  and the Finnish language in general and, hopefully, to  improve the quality of the templates.